Successes So Far:
- 2 Completed Cohorts UC Berkeley
- 22 leaders launched in business, law, and social impact
- 1 OpenIDEO Winning Project
- Community Program launched

Our Path to Growth:

We’re building a network of leaders among non-traditional students, one campus at a time

Our goal is to grow from UC Berkeley across the UC system and beyond - refining and codifying our successful formula of selection, training, mentorship and internship - introductions and scaling it across the US and beyond.

A Network Effect

Key to scaling our impact is building a strong, committed alumni network, not only to be mentors and trainers to future cohorts, but equipping them to become role models in their own communities, ushering a new generation of underrepresented students into higher education.

Technology to Superpower and Scale

We’re developing a technology platform with partners to support programme managers across campuses to prepare course content and streamline operations, and provide a suite of self-service tools for our students. Additionally we plan to make it easy for employers to engage with the students, and help make the right match for the student and employer.

Removing Barriers to Student Success

We’re seeking corporate support to help with the often overlooked, but fundamentals to student success - housing, clothing, transport, family support services and food security.